Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last nights dream

The world had gone Dark.
Something happened - and their was no power anywhere the global grid had crashed.
And in the lack of not just light, but communications, no one knew what was going on.
It was chaos - but the dream started months into this.
People wondered if it was solar flares and electro magnetic storms, or had we been hacked by China in a silent cold war that was over and lost before we knew it had begun?
At the point where the dream started, there was some power running, but it was miniscule.
Townships, municipalities, and Cities could only run the most important services and lamps at night.
The nation was under Martial Law.
TV stations were running again, but only regional stations and broad casts. And what national feeds that worked were from interlinking and relaying from the network of regional stations - no satellites.
This was a problem because Digital signals don't carry as far as Analog.
There were holes - and large information "dark zones".
And in the dream - the prime national story was about a crew of Astronauts that NASA with plenty of private backing had sent up into space to get a birds eye view of the nature of the cluster fuck.
But communication had been lost.
The project was being relayed directly through NORAD as they had independent electrical and radar, and they lost them.
And the paranoia was sinking in deep.
People in town, even the National Guard troops stationed every where were talking.
What was up there in the big old black - what happened to them?
Where they fried by solar radiation, abducted by aliens, shot down by China?
Or even more frightening - had communication simply failed - and they were floating out there, lost and alone, and blind?
In the dream - I knew all of this, it was all common knowledge.
And the only thing i remember happening in real time - was looking at my town from a newly built fire tower, and seeing the few lamps that were lit.
The important cross roads had single street lights.
What ever effected the grid had not been terrestrial in nature, things still worked IF you had juice to power them.
So people still drove at night - you could see the little points of light of the few people who were still willing to come and go at dark.
In the dream, I was not alone in the fire tower, but I don't remember who I was there with. But we were both concerned.
We were worried about the Astronauts and what their fate was - and what that meant for the greater situation of us all.
We were worried about how long order could be maintained - it had barely been kept.
(small details i knew in my head - like that Morse Code had been made an official language again, and was being used again along with telegraphs, and regional light signals, and couriers)
Order could be maintained as long as their was power - and we both knew how strenuous and how delicate that situation was for the area.
I looked at the lamps of town, I could count their number on two hands, and the burden of unknowing was so heavy I wanted to cry.
And then I woke up.


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btw its Morse code.

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