Thursday, August 28, 2008

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE (or; Night shoots and the joys of legal arson)

What did you Do for work last Friday?

I did THIS;

Last week we did some really interesting night shoots. A couple nights were dedicated to a fireman's picnic, where we had about 100 -150 extras, and then Friday - we burnt a 2 story 5 room farm house to the ground.

Here are some pics from the madness.

Feeding the extras.

Video Village.

The stellar Ms. Jacobs and Ms. Kraft

A Self Portrait.

The Crew at work.

Shooting all the coverage in a scene where a house burns down is a fast paced and crazy affair. Once the blaze got going the fire department would have to step in between takes to keep it under control. Once we got most of the shots in, the blaze was allowed to follow its natural course. Unfortunately my camera battery died, and I was not able to photograph it to its amazing collapse and cindery end. Many people were taking photo's though, so I am sure I will be able to link up to some far better portfolios than my meager snap shots.

Hopefully I will have more photos from the shoot, IF I remember to bring my camera to work EVER. Which is pretty iffy - as running around as a chicken with it's head cut off seems to be the rule of the day - every day.

Next time I get to burn a house down - I swear dear friends I will send out invites to the festivities.
I miss you all terribly.


Eric Orchard said...

Amazing shots! I thought the one of the crew was a merry go round. They're all so perfect they look like miniatures.

Nita Bulani Thomas said...

Looks like you had a fascinating shoot ! controling that blaze must have been quite a task..

E. Kubinek said...

It was really amazing, AND great practice for the local fire department!