Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two in a Year is too many

While my Uncle was visiting from California when I was in Sixth grade, his slightly mentally deranged German Shepherd / retriever mix rescue Dog Keella decapitated my beloved guinea pig Ghost.
The dog had a history of attempting to burry my uncles new kitten alive in their back yard, so the news was not so shocking that she had dispatched my sweet little guinea pig, even considering the fact that my Mom delivered the news to me just as I got off the bus in a teary guilt filled out burst of "He eat her head!".

My uncle, feeling really bad that his dog killed my pet, went out and did what many adults do when facing such a situation - He bought a replacement guinea pig.

The replacement guinea pig was albino, which at first seemed cool - until it became painfully clear that "Albino" with a guinea pig basically translated to "retarded". 6 years later that wretched screaming little creature met its timely and natural end - and my Mother began to consider finally buying the house rabbit she always wanted for out next pet. While at the pet shop she was hunched down looking at the rabbits, and she felt something crawling up her polar fleece hoody. A small yellow kitten had decided to crawl up her back, and snuggle in her hood and promptly began purring and fell asleep.

That day I came home to find a cheshire cat grin on my Moms face, and a small ginger and white kitten on the table in front of me. After debating on names, and even jokingly considering AJ5K short for "Ass jet 5000" - it was decided at Cosmo, as my Mother always liked the name.

Yesterday that cat, my cat - Died.

I was not there - At home, which I think I am actually thankful for, as reports from of my Mom seem to show I was saved the trauma of seeing him at his weakest. But it is still hard to think the last time I saw him will be forever the LAST time I saw him.
I new he was sick, but I was really hoping it was just a virus, and that he would be fine - I would come home next month from my internship and my buddy would be there.

Here is how Cosmo and I spent many a happy hour.

So long Cosmo, you will be sorrily missed.

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September said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Cosmo. It is hard for me to commit to a pet, I usually adopt them out to another family, I think because it is all the emotion that comes with having a friend like that. That photo is so sweet, of you and your friend.

Take Care,